Far Corner

Sonic Translucence in the New Century

Far Corner is a new jazz quartet, rocking the Northwest with a tight ensemble sound, bright melodies, and ear-bending improvisations. We play the hippest music in the Universe, those non-standard standards from the 60's and 70's post-bop and avant garde.

What's a jazz group without a piano? ... lithe, limber, and sonically translucent.
--The Stranger

the quartet

We've been working together in the Seattle area under the name Far Corner since mid-2004. Our approach to jazz is motivated by strong shared aesthetic values. It's all about dancing rhythms, group improvisation, cohesive ensemble work. We push jazz material in new directions by fusing sonorities, melodic content, compositional structures, and instrumental techniques from diverse sources.

Far Corner pic

the sound

A bell-clear, rich and warm classical flute merges with a muscular, driving, blues-inflected, saxophone. Bass and trap drums contribute melodic integrity of their own. The sound presents itself to the listener as a web of interlocking, ever-shifting points of focus.

Fraser Havensflute
Ken Strongbass
Brad Papineaudrums
Dick Valentinesaxophones

the music

The Far Corner repertoire consists of original compositions complemented by works that have been especially influential to us. The latter mostly derive from various "schools" of '60s and '70s fusion and freely improvised jazz.

Download some of these cuts, check it out for yourself. Then come hear us in person, at Egan's Ballard Jam House or any of the Northwest's discriminating new music venues.

  1. Blues for Ev'rybody Else (4:24), composed by Fraser Havens
  2. Conference of the Birds (5:09), composed by Dave Holland
  3. Tune Without a Name (Yet) (7:52), composed by Pete Sanders
  4. 89 (10:25), composed by Pete Sanders
  5. The Red Cat (7:38), composed by Pete Sanders
  6. Behind the Wheel (7:17), composed by Pete Sanders
  7. Bombay Calling (10:20), composed by Vince Wallace

Pete + Brad

Coming soon in this space: A great write-up about Fraser explaining how he learned all about excellent classical flute techniques and became a dedicated improviser studying with Seattle legendary composer and teacher, Al Hood.

Coming soon in this space: A riveting account of how Dick studied sax with Joe Henderson, and had some cool experiences playing music all over the world.

Far Corner

Coming soon in this space: The story of Ken and his eclectic musical engagements all over the Great North West.

Coming soon in this space: The compelling saga of Brad's journey from piano to drums (and back again?)

Far Corner

Please contact Dick Valentine via email if you would like for more info or to book our group.